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How does the SlimPro work?

SlimPro utilizes a combination of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), infrared, and ultrasonic technologies to target stubborn fat and reduce cellulite. EMS stimulates the muscles, promoting muscle contractions and toning, while infrared and ultrasonic technologies penetrate the skin, helping to break down fat cells and improve circulation.

How often should I use the SlimPro?

For visible results, it is recommended to use SlimPro for 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week. Consistency is key to achieving the desired body sculpting effects. It is important to give your body time to rest and recover between sessions.

Will SlimPro help with weight loss?

Yes, SlimPro is not only perfect for body sculpting and reducing cellulite, it can also indirectly support overall weight loss. By stimulating muscles and improving circulation, SlimPro can aid in toning and firming the body, which will contribute to an overall improvement in body composition.

How fast is the shipping times?

We free shipping and handling that take 7-14 days to arrive. Times may vary due to Covid-19 health risks.